There's lots of cryptographic currencies out there.
None of them are right for the serious trader.


Unobtanium is rare. Only 250.000 will ever be made. After that, there's no inflation possible.

Diminishing supply

The supply of Unobtanium diminishes automatically over time so you can be sure your investment is safe.


Unobtanium is safe. The whole network regulates the creation and transaction of UNO.


The Unobtanium exchanges don't close. Trade when you want, where you want.

Store your Unobtanium

You can leave your UNO in your portfolio, but we recommend keeping it on your own computer for extra security. Download the Unobtanium vault for your platform below.


Tarball AUR

Buy into Unobtanium

The best way to get Unobtanium at this time is to just buy in.

Exchange Price in BTC Price in USD

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Get to know the network

Block reward halving

At each of the points in time below, the reward for finding a block halves, which practically means that the supply will be guaranteed to halve.

Network hashrate

The graph below indicates the power behind the transaction processing network of Unobtanium. More power means that transactions can be handled more efficiently, faster and cheaper.

Total Unobtanium

The graph below shows the number of Unobtanium currently in circulation and the number of Unobtanium available for mining.

Technical insights

Updates from the team, right to you

Technical details and advantages of the Unobtanium network

By Jacob, Team Leader

Unobtanium was not pre-mined, there were no bounties, and the lead developer on our project returned to us with only 4 UNOs in his wallet. This type of dedication and purity with regards to open-source fundementals touched me in a very deep and profound way. It inspired me to create a new revolution in open-source development. Instead of keeping my holdings to myself, I have distributed my personal shares to the development team. This means that not only am I commited to the success of Unobtanium, but the development team shares an equally deep interest in creating valuable services for our emerging customer base.

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